Garden Railways


L&BR Freight Wagon Bogie

Diamond frame bogie for use with L&B freight stock. Solid brass bogie spacer with whitemetal frames & spring unit. Fully compensated for use on uneven track. Includes brass bearings & screws. Requires wheelsets to complete.

Ref:FB1 Price:£24.50 P&P Code:B

Lost Wax Cast Brass Freight Wagon Bogie

Cast brass frames with fully sprung sliding axle-boxes. 1/2" drawn brass bogie spacer & folded brass end frames. Includes fitting screws. This bogie is included in kit LB19. A very sturdy bogie that operates just like the prototype. Requires wheelsets to complete.

Ref:FB2 Price:£35.00 P&P Code:B

Mortar Shells

Fill your War Department stock with these urethane resin mortars. The large 9" mortars are available painted (brass/olive green) or spray painted (grey). Small shells available spray primed only.

MS9 9" Mortar Shells (Unpainted) Pack of 6 Price:£1.70
MS9P As Above (painted) Pack of 6
MSS Small Mortar Shells (unpainted)
Pack of 8 Price:£1.70

P&P 70p per pack

Oil Barrels

A pack of three urethane resin barrels with detachable whitemetal lids and separate filler caps, barrels can be filled with ballast to give extra
weight to wagons.

Ref:OBS Set of 3 barrels (unpainted)
Price:£4.25 P&P Code:A

Fish Barrels

Set of five urethane resin "wooden-type" barrels. Pack comprises one large plus four smaller barrels.

Ref:FBS Price:£4.20 P&P Code:A

Postage & Packing Rates:-

Up to 1Kg £3.85
1Kg - 3Kg £4.95
Over 3Kg £7.00

Please add £4.50 for Next Day Special Delivery